Wildflower Counseling Services works with teens and adults, groups and families, in areas like:

  • Substance use, co-occurring disorders, and related family, school/workplace, or legal issues
  • Broken and blended families moving through high stress times (co-parenting, children in the middle, emphasis on the developmental needs of each unique family member)
  • Death and loss, grief and recovery (because everyone grieves differently)
  • Fatherhood–men seeking insight into one’s upbringing, and focus on growth as supportive, nurturing parents
  • Managing deeper-running issues of anxiety and depression with an individualized mental/emotional/physical, holistic approach to wellness

We start from the belief that every person is made to and able to grow, but not every person has benefited from good conditions for growth.  We work to identify and reduce barriers to success, then identify the right mix of individual, family, group, and/or experiential therapies that make healthy movement and growth more likely for you and your loved ones.

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