Wildflower Counseling Services

Wildflower works with teens, adults, and families with conflict, mental health, and substance use issues anywhere in the family system.  I am an individual & family therapist and addictions counselor with over 10 years of experience in mental health and substance abuse settings.

I enjoy working with individuals or families who want to find a more positive, healthier way to live.  This could mean that as a parent, you are concerned for your child’s well-being–behavioral issues at home or school, or legal issues that have led to seeking out support.  Or it could mean that as co-parents, you are seeking support and help to find a better way to care for yourselves and your children.  Maybe you are leaving a program that helped you turn things around after substance use brought you too many problems to manage on your own, and now you hope to find a regular support in the community that is a step down from the more intensive services you had received.  Or maybe after managing your substance use better, you are ready to examine the underlying factors and motives that drove the use in the first place.

Wherever you are and however you got there, Wildflower Counseling Services is about a core concept:  we are all flowers growing in the world, and even in the hardest conditions, we are meant to grow and thrive, and despite all our challenges we are able to grow and thrive.  Wildflower also works with those recovering from grief and loss, teen identity development, “failure to launch” issues, anger management, depression, and anxiety.  I would be honored to meet and see how to support you on your journey!

-Jeff Hamilton, MA LMFT, CACII

Marriage and Family Therapist

Substance Use Disorder Counselor